Woman of Faith: Giclée Prints
Woman of Faith: Giclée Prints

Woman of Faith: Giclée Prints

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Woman of Faith has no particular denomination.  She is every religious woman with faith in her heart, who cares deeply about continually improving herself and making the world a better place.   Her crown is adorned with the holy books that speak to her (words fly into her heart), her light in the world, balancing diverse viewpoints, water, love, food, and the last symbol on her left is for finding faith in the earth's remarkable beauty.  Her dress layers display her helping hands, her light in the world,  love and respect for the earth, it's atmosphere, people and creatures (hence the DNA with footprints), water and  plants.  Her goal is to bring peace, food, water, kindness and love to the world.  Peace is the final panel of the skirt or the ultimate goal.


The Woman's Life Dance Series is a celebration of women. They are multi-ethnic and athletic instead of sensual in their physique (to avoid judgement based on body type). They wear crowns of their greatest joys and influences in their lives (i.e. children, mates, passions) and are loosely based on Yupik masks. Their dresses tell their life story and the cowboy boots are joyful, to give a bounce in their step as they travel through life.  They all wear mittens, because the artist is proudly Alaskan!


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