Water Giver of Life - Wooden Quilt

Wood and canvas panels of different dimensions, and hand-made frames attached to a board panel.  This is literally a "Wooden Quilt" as I like to call them. Vibrant colors and a universal message of the power of water on earth. It is 48"x36"x3".  This allows me to live out my passion for quilts.....though not so cozy on a bed, it will endure forever with it's bright colors (unlike quilts that fade and weaken over time).

Each of the images in the small paintings attached to the quilt are in the shape of a snowflake. This quilt is about water, the ultimate giver of life. The snowflake imaging throughout is a commentary on climate change.

This item, like all others....SHIPS FOR FREE IN THE US!


4' x 3' x 2"