Original: Festive Boots

Original: Festive Boots

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Happy, Happy Holidays to you, as only festive boots can say it. Let us all enjoy the beautiful lights and colors that each culture brings to this time of year!  

This is a Western Christmas, complete with love of boots and mountains.  I've tried to include all the wonderful colors of the Holiday Season:  cultural colors, such as white, yellow and blue for Hanukkah, and red, black and green for Kwanzaa.  Of course, all of the traditional Christmas colors are also represented.  Even those without a religious preference enjoy the beauty of the lights amid the snowy background of winter.  The gloves and boots are all reaching out to greet one another.  It is all for fun and in celebration of the cool, cold season....filled with love and lights.

Framed Original Artwork:

Size: 24 1/2" x  28 1/2"
Framed in a wooden, weathered red frame