Best Friend Earrings and Card Combo

Best Friend! Earrings are on wooden tiles with Sterling Silver bales and Earrings.  They are hand painted on the sides and back, while the front features the Best Friend image. Look through the pictures to find my best friends and I modeling them, it will give you a good idea of earring size. These earrings come with a matching card, all packaged in a clear box with ribbons. Add a personalized message and we will send them off with ribbons and bows.


The accompanying card is Best Friend.  Here is her story:

Back of card text:
She can find a laugh even in life’s darkest offerings.  She is the silver lining in every cloud (hence the cloud skirt).  The layers of her top suggest the many layers of friendship shared.   She loves beautiful, mountainous places....and is equally comfortable in a lush green forest.  That said, a day on the beach is never far from the back of her mind!  Her mitten color is blue for big, clear, blue skies. Her necklace is a symbol of her respect for cultures not her own.  She is doing the laughing dance and knows just what to say!

The Woman's Life Dance Series is a celebration of women. They are multi-ethnic and athletic instead of sensual in their physique (to avoid judgement based on body type). They wear crowns of their greatest joys and influences in their lives (i.e. children, mates, passions) and are loosely based on Yupik masks. Their dresses tell their life story and the cowboy boots are joyful, to give a bounce in their step as they travel through life.  They all wear mittens, because the artist is proudly Alaskan!

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