Welcome to MACKart! I am hoping you'll find something of inspiration here.  My intention is to, in some small way, enhance our current vision of the world.  

My art is a commentary on quick judgements formed by prejudice.  Prejudice based on ethnicity, body type, size or perceived frame of mind.  My characters are multi-ethnic and have influences from around the world and especially the American West/Northwest.

Most of my “people” are women at the moment, because I feel that women are the first to be judged physically by others and by themselves.  It is an experiment in perceptions.  I want my “people” to be judged by their attributes.  It is the best part of their spirit that I attach to their clothing and crowns.  I paint in bright colors because, no matter the personality type, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.   Thanks for visiting my website!