Love Through the Stages Card
Love Through the Stages Card

Love Through the Stages Card

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Love Through the Stages Card- Greeting Card
4" x 9" with envelope

Back of card text:

Motherhood, the best things in life and sometimes the most difficult. This is a “hang in there Mama” painting. The Mother sits in the “home” section of the painting with wall paper and green grass, trying to enjoy her children and grow them into happy, well functioning adults. The red line of “little monsters” is for the tantrums (toddler and teen), the years of anger, uncertainty, sadness and deception. Gradually they climb out of the monster zone and are free to fly and become their best selves, which every mother dreams and hopes for. They will make it.....and Mama will make it too. This journey is life’s most precious gift, riddled with great joy and sometimes monumental challenges. Hang in there will all work out just fine!

The Woman's Life Dance Series is a celebration of women. They are multi-ethnic and athletic instead of sensual in their physique (to avoid judgement based on body type). They wear crowns of their greatest joys and influences in their lives (i.e. children, mates, passions) and are loosely based on Yupik masks. Their dresses tell their life story and the cowboy boots are joyful, to give a bounce in their step as they travel through life.  They all wear mittens, because the artist is proudly Alaskan!