Greatest Grandpa Card
Greatest Grandpa Card

Greatest Grandpa Card

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5" x 7" with envelope

Back of card text:

“Greatest Grandpa” arrives with fun and knowledge up his sleeve! He is a “kid magnet” with his kind, attentive and patient character. Somehow when he demonstrates knowledge it’s all in good fun and the grandkids actually listen
and learn (puzzled parents looking on!). This “baby blanket super hero” is not above letting the grandkids adorn him with their best gear or showing up as Santa when the need arises. His visits are meaningful fun with lots to be
learned. His aura of calm kindness is contagious to even the most rambunctious and he teaches respect without even trying (puzzled parents looking on)! The grandkids are painted in varying sizes, youngest painted as largest since they need (and get) the most good Grandpa care.