Mighty Grandma

“World Champ Mighty Grandma” is the quote on her prize rodeo belt buckle. When she comes to visit, she brings along the sunshine, all of her worldly wisdom and love for the grandkids. She may have “blue” hair, but she has energy to rival the 6 year old boys and comes into lives as a whirlwind who sets everyone right. Her great loves are family, traveling, the Rocky Mountains, music and learning. The grandkids are painted in varying sizes, youngest painted as largest since they need (and get) the most good Grandma care. When she is around things get done, the kids behave, and somehow it’s all in good fun!

This is part of the:

American Women Series - A Celebration of:
*The melting pot we are, with our diverse yet converging backgrounds.
*Native & world cultures, in Cowboy boots for an American bounce in their step.
*Our attributes without judgement on our bodies (by ourselves or others).
*Familiar personalities dancing the joyfulness in their spirit.
*Our love of nature.



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